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About my career path

Lilly Georgieva who consults women how to create clear vision about a career which brings joy and satisfaction, invited me to talk about my career path and the changes in the meantime. This is the outcome:

“Hi, Alex. You have been an artist for twenty years, however for some years you worked in office environment at IT companies – a completetely different area. What provoked you to consider making a change? And how did it happen?”

Most of the artists all over the world have a full-time job. It helps them to earn their living while they are developing as artists. At the beginning, painting balanced for me the stress in the extremely tense and dynamic work environment, but over time it became more and more serious occupation. Simultaneously I ran projects, exhibitions, painted after work or during the weekends. Over the years and the change of companies I started to find less and less meaning in my ‘daily’ job. Moreover, the frustration grew so big, it was difficult to soften it by ‘the satisfaction from the challenge to manage with things’ or the salary and I realized I need to make serious changes.

you can read the whole interview on Lilly Georgieva website (in Bulgarian only)