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Choosing an artwork as a gift? Always a wonderful idea.

Every time we have an occasion to give joy, we are looking for an idea for an original gift that is special, non-standard, memorable. For me, a painting can be all these things, and at the same time bring a unique emotion and a personal message. It can become a colorful accent in the interior, be it in the home or the office.

Give yourself a gift

It very often happens that clients come to my studio wanting to purchase a painting as a gift… to themselves. These moments are indescribably satisfying for me as an artist. I am glad that the slogan of Acrista Art – Give (yourself) exquisiteness! perfectly corresponds to the client’s desire to fulfil that crave of visual pleasure, and that they find the emotion of the painting, and choose to cherrish it.
And the fact that they choose a painting by a Bulgarian artist is a real reward for me and the efforts I have made over the years to create a beautiful product of high quality.

A painting as a gift for your loved one

It’s always incredibly exciting for me when a complete stranger manages to express a strong emotion and their feelings for their loved ones through my painting. Indeed, a gifted artwork with a female image or a female figure can carry a lot of charge, be something very personal. When it is combined with the text chosen by me to accompany the picture, the message becomes truly touching and unforgettable.
In these cases, I feel infinitely excited and grateful for the vote of trust. And through my creation, I witness their emotions and personal relationship dynamics.

A painting as a gift for a special event

The happy events in life, that we have the pleasure of attending, like jubilee, anniversary, wedding or birthday, are always wonderful occasions to choose a painting as a gift. It has become a kind of a beautiful ritual in my studio, when at the request of the client I wrap the picture in elegant gift paper, choose a suitable ribbon and attach one of my handmade cards. Often I have the corresponding quote or text of the painting also attached as a message. When the customer cannot come in person, I send the package by courier, and the gift package remains below the transport package.

A painting as a gift for a colleague

I am also very excited when employees of a company want to bring joy to a colleague and have decided to do so with the artistic and colouful gift of one of my paintings. The paintings I create are in series and among them the ones with landscapes, boats or trees are filled with a lot of symbolism, but have a relatively neutral message, which makes them suitable for a gift to a colleague, or for any kind of official visit.
In cases where you cannot decide unanimously on a specific painting, the Acrista Art gift vouchers are an equally elegant option, allowing you to present your colleague with the opportunity to visit my atelier and make their own choice.

You will find the Acrista Art Vouchers on my website in Portfolio/Gift Vouchers >>
You can learn more about them in the video material dedicated to them:

An artwork as a budget gift

If you have a relatively modest budget for a gift, but still want to purchase a painting, printed reproductions (giglee prints) are a great artistic alternative. They are a high-quality prints on canvas of an image from certain paintings of mine. They are in limited series and can be ordered in various sizes.

All available Acrista Art prints, that are ready to ship, are on my website here: Portfolio/Available prints >>

The selection of pantings that you can order a Limited print of are here: Portfolio/Artworks you can order prints from >>

In addition

Check out the currently available oil paintings (originals) on my site: Portfolio/Original Artworks >>

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