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Commissioned artwork – the artistic challenge

Let’s start with two very important clarifications – painting commissions, at least in my case, are not portraits of real people made from reference photo (I explicitly don’t do such things), and they are also not copies of other paintings, mine or anyone else’s (if you want a copy of some painting of mine – you can order a Limited Edition Print).
The artworks I create for a specific occasion (anniversary, new home, birthday, etc.) or for a specific premise (home or office), as requested by a client, I call commissions.

Over the years I have various cases of commissioned artworks – sometimes the interior design gravitated around a leading painting, which is of a larger surface and acts as a central piece in the interior. Sometimes the commission may concern a few paintings for the same room, and sometimes they might be for different rooms.

Regardless, for me all commissions are an artistic challenge in the best meaning of the word, they challenge me to look through the eyes of the client, creating something beautiful especially for them, and the thrill, whether the client will approve the project, persists til the end, til the client sees the finished artwork.

Here is a selection of a few examples of commissioned artworks, but keep in mind the paintings always look smaller in the photos then they actually feel in reality.

  1. Brief:
    A client of mine has bought an original painting from me, one of my flamenco series, and then commissioned me to create two more paintings in the same style (and series) and in the same size, which would be arranged as a triplet, serving as the artistic accent in the living room in her new home on Oborishte Str. in Sofia.
    It was important for the client that the poses in all three paintings are a continuation to one another, but we decided to go with different colour pallets, so that every painting to have a different feeling.
    This project is still in process. I will share photos from the interior as soon as it is finished.
    The paintings have been done in the period: 2020 – 2021
The original painting “Olvidame” determined the size and theme for the other two.
The small studies (idea projects) for the commissioned artworks.
Canciоn triste, Olvidame, Esta noche – ready to be delivered to their new home.

  1. Brief:
    An oil painting for the sister of a client of mine. In this unusual (but beautiful) case I had the full creative freedom to choose the subject, the size and the framing, since the client requested to be surprised by the finished painting.
    Although, as always, I created a small study project to visualise the idea, this time it was purely for my own reference of the design and the colours.
    Realised in 2021
The small study for the commission, which I finished as a mini original, titled “All the secrets”
The finished commission “The Secret of the Summer Sea”.

  1. Brief:
    A large oil canvas from the seascapes series with a little bit more abstract feel, intended a coloured wall in a large combined premise, consisting of a living room, dinning room and kitchen. Since the interior needed some more warm colours, we decided to go with a caramel pallet. And since the windows in the room look towards another near building (i.e. there is not much of a view), the idea of the subject was to act as a “window” with a restful and dreamy influence.
    The project was realised in 2020.
“Rebirth”, oil on canvas, framed size 104 x 124 cm
The study project (10 х 12см) and the original “Rebirth”, created based on it (100 х 120 cm).

4. Brief:
Creating four oil paintings for an office in Unicredit Bulbank’s central Sofia building on St. Nedelia 3 square. Three of the paintings are part of the flamenco series and one is from the Mediterranean series.
The project was realised in 2015.

5. Brief:
Creating a few commissioned paintings to be used as cover artworks for two poetry books: “South Blood” and “The fire of Love” with the beautiful poems of Dr. Jordanka Gospodinova.

For the cover of “South Blood” I specifically painted the painting with the same name – “South Blood” as well as two others – “A Vine” and “Raised by the Wind”.

For the cover of “The Fire of Love” I painted two artworks – “Bewitching” and “The Embrace”. All of the paintings were inspired by specific poems of Jordanka Gospodinova, and all originals are her property.

The two cover artwork paintings – “A Vine” and “Bewitching”.

You can read more, about how exactly does the painting commissioning process goes, on my web site, in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

A selection of other paintings created by commission can be seen on my website in the Services -> Commissions section.