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Please, give credit to the artists

Recently, I often wonder why when people quote an excerpt from a book or poem, they almost always indicate the author, but with paintings (respectively photographs) they have no attitude that it is necessary to do so. Probably because they are “on the Internet”?

And this is not at all about the wild and wanton use of the images – over the years friends have informed me that my painting has been used without permission for example as a pattern for a tapestry, or copied one-to-one and for sale, or used in a rendering of interior or in the logo of some apocryphal site.

No, this is about the daily mass sharing of paintings / images on social media, accompanied or not by wise thoughts, quotes or poems, without mentioning the name of the artist.

Please quote the names of the artists (photographers).
Behind these images there is work, there are ideas, there are costs, and specifying a name and / or a site does not cost any effort, on the contrary – it creates the right attitude and cultivates a culture and a respectful practice towards the work of visual artists.
If you don’t know the artist’s name, mention exactly that – someone will know and comment.

On the picture above: “Born by the Waves”, artist Alexandrina Karadjova,
There you go 🙂