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“Mr. Turner”

I have been waiting for this movie for a long time, because I imagined it will be a worthy pearl amongst the movies about artists. and indeed, Mike Leigh has created a wonderful illustration (balancing the facts with fiction well) of the adult years of Joseph Mallord William Turner, up to his death. At the beginning there is a lot of humor in the otherwise oppressive and archaic setting, but as the years go by the mood becomes darker and darker – a reflection of the artist’s experiences… “loneliness and solitude are two different things”…

I doubt there is a better choice for the role of the growling and eccentric Turner than Timothy Spall (I’m not sure why he was not nominated for this role), who brilliantly plays his blunt and at times unrefined character carrying pencil and sketchbook everywhere to gather ideas. unlike most artists Turner was not struggling financially – that explains the scene in which he rejects an offer to purchase all his paintings at a phenomenal price with the argument that they are bequeathed to the British people. two hours and a half that are not easy to watch, but a magnificent play and, at least for me, an impulse to see Mr. Turner’s paintings again.