Scattered thoughts

A new year – new beginnings

Sooo… a new year, as a blank canvas. What will I paint on it? Who knows?

I did not have space to write a post about 2017 (because the last 4 days I bravely ventured in studio repairs), but it was a good year. Saturated. With good and not-so-good days. With precious inner work, with journeys, with learning to say ‘no’, with almost all paintings completed, with wisdom earned the hard way, with a string of minor but adorable moments, with shared ‘ordinary magic’ as a friend named them. I feel grateful for all of them.if there was something I learned during the last years, it was that I could not and I did not want to plan. I can only make wishes. For the new year: if all the things I got from my banitza which was ‘mined’ with fortunes, I would be the most content person in the world. If not, I would try to do the best of what I have. so many ideas are bouncing. I need only energy and perseverance so they can come into this world. Until then: patience and focus.

And I should not forget the most important everyday thing: courage over comfort.