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what is RSS and why you should use it

as it recently became clear, new times are coming for the most used social network and it is likely that the small business with small advertising budgets will become completely invisible. thus and because I am often told: “I liked many of your paintings, but almost everything was sold”, I decided to invest some effort and write this post, which can be useful to the people who are not very familiar with the advantages of this technology.

there is a very effective way to receive the new information from my website and my blog immediately and not depend on the facebook content. RSS feed buttons.

what is RSS?:

for those of you who don’t know, the RSS abbreviation was initially known as Rich Site Summary, but recently as Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a software mechanism for news exchange, most often between a website and a user.

to learn news about everything that you are interested in on the Internet is a challenge. instead of visiting the same websites every day you can utilize these RSS buttons and “collect” the news titles from websites and store them for review in a specially installed application. if you are interested in the news, you can always click on the heading for more detailed information.

how does it work?:

to get started, you need to install an RSS reader or application (also called aggregators as they gather information from many sources) on your computer or mobile device. then you need to visit your favorite websites and search for the RSS button. not every website has an RSS feed to subscribe, but most have one. if you don’t see RSS button you can try copying the website URL directly in the RSS application by pressing + button. you have to repeat this step with all websites from which you want to receive news.

examples for RSS readers/ apps:

being an apple user, I use an application called Vienna – free, simple and easy to use. in this article there are suggestions for RSS readers for iPhone and iPad.

if you are a Windows user, you can find some suggestions for RSS readers in this article.

the RSS for if you already have installed an RSS reader / application and you would like to receive the news from my website, you need to visit it and press the RSS button. doing so you subscribe to everything I post regardless of the topic – new paintings, events, places, products. the same goes for the blog posts where you are currently.