I present to you: Mahabis

Photos found on Mahabis Facebook Page – copyright belongs to the rightful owners.

For a while I’ve been developing my Instagram profile and while spending all that time there, my attention got on an ad of Mahabis. And well… love in first sight! Seeing no more than few pictures I knew: I want them! And I got them as a Christmas gift, they were immediately put on and there is no force on earth that can make me take them off now.

The company is based in London, the production is in Portugal. And since we are suspicious towards materials glorifying a product (might be paid, right ;)), let me specify, this post is only inspired by my genuine awe, one of a completely satisfied customer, and my will to share the pleasure of using a high-quality and somewhat futuristic product.

What made me that happy:

– simple and unconventional design of slippers
– thoughtful removable sole in various colours
– minimalistic and very differentiative branding and photos
– simplistic and elegant packaging, comparable to Apple’s
– no end to how comfortable they are, satisfying any expectaion
– absolute alternative to all absurdly ridiculous sippers on the market
– high price that actually translates in high quality

No wonder their slogan is “Slippers Reinvented”. They have classic and summer home models, as well as an outdoor version. Sizes are matching. We delivered via