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    “The Aftermath”

    I had long been waiting for a good drama with a love thread and I was so happy that this one didn’t disappoint me… neither as acting and persuasiveness, neither as approach and credibility nor as ending. There was nothing superfluous, nothing cheesy. Even the love triangle cliche was masterfully intertwined with the unusual circumstances of the post-war background. Well, I don’t have to tell you, that even if this movie turned out to be bad, Alexander Skarsgard would be an excellent reason to stay put in front of the screen. this Swedish semi-god is outrageously attractive, even when speaking in German… but let’s not get carried away “The Aftermath”is based…

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    Creed II

    For the generation that is not familiar with the Rocky Balboa sequence, Creed II might be a bit old-school, but it has enough drama with the typical story of the crushed hero who resurrects stronger in order to face fears, enemies and mostly – himself. For me, Creed II is a remake of Rocky IV made with respect and my sympathies towards Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester are strongly backed-up by the cool soundtrack which is the equivalent of the legendary Eye of the Tiger. My discovery amidst this sound explosion is the Nigerian-born Brit Jacob Banks whose voice really spoke to me.

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    “Becoming Astrid”

    I set apart this movie from the February movie mix on purpose. Not only because it is European production, but also because it moved me exceptionally. I admit I knew almost nothing about Astrid Lindgren, although I grew up with Pippy Longstocking, The Brothers Lionheart, Karlson, Ronia the Robber’s Daughterand Emil of Lonneberga. After watching the movie, I saw the rich context explaining why things were the way they were in my favorite childhood books… the young Astrid (Unga Astrid– the original title of the movie) was overflowing with energy, light and life, but she was “lucky” to be born in a small Swedish town, among manners narrowly bound by religious rules, which…

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    “Beautiful Boy”

    Challenging to watch, but a must see anyway. About addiction as an all-consuming and devastating black hole. About struggle which is unbearable, ugly and inhumane. About shame, anger and despair. about boundaries, patience and the endlessly stretching matter called love… And, overall, about the hell of addiction… I am so glad Steve Carell did not stay in the clich? Of the comedy, but unfolds his talent in the drama. And what can I say about Timothee Chalamet except – this boy is so talented and speaks so meaningfully and mature during his interviews, I cannot wait to see his future projects. Based on a true story and the books of David…

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    iInstead of drawing up a balance-sheet for the past months, I decided that the last post for this year would be something beautiful and inspiring. For me these pieces of beauty that suddenly find me through the unimaginable online information noise are magical and contemplative and are a true creative engine. Years ago Yann Arthus-Bertrand enspelled us with his bird’s eye view shots. then I wrote about his Home. And now Human found me. pieces from the puzzle called Humanity – total and amazing in its diversity, but also in its uniformity. (Turn on the video subtitles (CC) so you can see the name of the person who shared it as well…