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Acrista Art Calendar 2024 is now available

Acrista Art Calendar 2024 is now in pre-sale! It turned out to be a real little art jewel, as it was intended.

As I have mentioned more than once, producing a quality elegant product is not an easy task. That’s why we create calendars with my paintings every few years :).

This time we started already in July with work on the concept, the selection of paintings, the choice of the font for the calendar and on the design, we continued in August with the selection of paper and creating a sample, for a visualisation of how the calendar will look, in September we received offers from printing houses and discussed what kind of packaging we can use… and here we are, it’s almost the end of October and we’re getting ready to go to press, and then it’ll be time to send out and bring joy. In the meantime – photo shoots for product shots and promo video for presenting the calendar. All in all – a lot of work that remains unseen and (hopefully) again a quality, luxurious and elegant art calendar with Acrista Art paintings for 2024.

Enjoy the video and order your copy of “Time for Poetry” calendar on my website:

Choose your own combination of month and painting

It’s the perfect gift for your friends and colleagues

Every workplace needs a little magic

Get creative and wish something inspirational to your loved ones.