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I present to you: Freeria

As you may have guessed behind this logo stands a very feminine team: I present to you Eti, Tzveti and Poli, who a few years ago combined their efforts in order to create hand-crafted and painted beauties. I have known them for a long time and I think they have always been passionate about beauty, thus I am deluged to see how the idea for creating and developing their own brand gradually came into fruition.

Each of the Freerias has specialized in a different area: Eti makes the bags and does the products’ photos, Tzveti creates jewellery and manages the website, Poli receives the orders for paintings and creates them with inspiration and finesse. I deeply enjoy their hand-painted blouses, sports shoes, dresses, handmade bags, jewelry – all of them radiate the delight of something created with love. And I have to share that I am a satisfied customer of a hand-painted t-shirt and a handbag in the same style, bookcase, handmade toys, jewelry.

enjoy some of their latest collection “Carrying Bulgaria in the Heart”:

and their wonderful jewellery:

Together we create otherness and fill every day with color, beauty and magic.

You can find more of their beauties on their website and follow them on Facebook.