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Acrista Art projects in progress

In a search for more depth, contemplativeness and focus, and generally a slower and more aware lifestyle, this year everything seems to be happening more slowly with me, somehow inertly and less „visibly“. In these times I am working on two really long and slow projects…

  1. A total redesign of the website: the aim is for the site to become an actual online gallery, where you could directly purchase original artworks or order prints, and have them delivered anywhere you want. You will be able to log in to your personal account and track your orders, your cumulative discount and lots more.
    So far we have a ready graphic design and a good deal of the back-end processes designed. What is about to follow is months of programming, testing and content management, and of course presentation and explanation campaign materials. For the first time in years I’ve let the project move on its own pace, without deadlines, and I’ve armed myself with patience and hope that things will turn out in the best possible way in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
  2. The second project I’ve been on to for more than two years is trying to accumulate enough material for an exhibition. It is very important to me that an exhibition has a concept, an idea. I’ve started working on tens of canvases for this very event, and little by little they seem to have started forming, become ready. In fact few of them already got sold. This time I’ll try to bring some surprise – I will not publish the paintings dedicated to the exhibition prior to it, but of course, if you happen to visit my atelier, or the painting studio, you will have the chance to see them before everyone else, and may be even reserve one of them for yourselves.

Intermittent to these two projects I’m working on a few commissions for specific interior projects and some smaller canvases, which you can see as available artworks in the portfolio section of the current website. The times are strange, but from a business perspective I’m thankful for how things are working out for me. Be healthy!