After I discovered the minimalism as my (desired) way of living, it was just a matter of time to come across the other closely related philosophy: the essentialism. Greg McKeown as its main ideologist shares details in a great deal of interviews and with great sense of humor, but I liked the presentation below, because I find it interesting how you can apply essentialism not only as a person, but as a professional and a company, too.

Some of the ideas:

The disciplined pursuit of less but better

  • every 90 days: what is important to me? -> 1-2 hours weekly planning around that
  • is this going to serve my highest purpose
  • eliminating the insignificant things
  • focus on what’s really important
  • if something is not a clear Yes, than it is a clear No

And also find out why success is a poor teacher:


Image by Sofie Zbo?ilov? from Pixabay