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Swarez Art

It’s been a while since I have been impressed so thoroughly by an artist – from the chosen medium (enamel paint), from developing technique by trial and error, combining several working places with a gallery, to market positioning, scope (huge canvases delivered worldwide), personal approach (he hand delivers all of his art in the UK) and experimenting with different mediums in addition to paintings – aluminum sculptures, art with cast resin blocks, enamel paint on carbon fiber…

Ed, who creates under the label Swarez, is absolutely self-thought and although he’s often told that ‘this can be painted by my five year old child too’ and ‘he’s not an artist’ with such abstractions, his story is so inspiring that I read thoroughly every page of his website and watched all available video materials on his Youtube channel. I follow him on Instagram, too. Such an inspiration! I am so grateful for discoveries like him and the experience he shares.

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