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“Genius: Picasso”

I knew that the second season of Genius would be inspiration, contemplation and very much needed context, as if a long time ago you had started putting together a puzzle of somebody’s live, but you missed pieces and reasons.

A few things keep resonating in me after the ten episodes for this extraordinary, whimsical, driven innovator which some would call a prick, a rake, an egoist and they might be right depending on their viewpoint:

  • his purposefulness and outright refusal to compromise
  • his fierce desire to surpass a colleague by whom he felt awed (Matisse) and thus to surpass himself
  • his hectic search for the new, the different, the radical
  • using women as source of love energy, mystery, inspiration that incessantly keep him “hungry” for life
  • his unconditional rejection of any rules
  • placing art before and above all (which is a condition for greatness as long as one is ready to pay the price)