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How to arrange paintings

Every now and then I need to visualize ideas for arranging paintings and prints for clients, thus I decided to put together some suggestions for home and office arrangements. The pictures in this post are from Pinterest and the rights belong to the respective authors.

A classic mounting of an artwork in the living room, above the couch. a common mistake is to place the painting too high on the wall. The height of the artwork should always be at the eye level when the person is standing:

When the setting allows it, asymmetry is an option for additional effect:

Artworks with different sizes which are aligned at the lower edge. In order to avoid glares as a mirror effect, one option is to use anti-reflective or museum glass:

An ensemble from same-size paintings framed alike:

Unorthodox approach towards framing – two relatively small artworks are placed in simple frames with large mat so that they stand out from the wall and become a serious interior highlight:

A space arranged with different-size artworks. The white frames and mats are extremely pretentious, but in this example, they harmonize with the interior setting:

A narrow shelf for placing pictures and paintings which is very popular in the Scandinavian interiors. Available in IKEA in three colors– white, black and wood:

Every artist would be happy to have a whole wall for his/her paintings. In this example, you can see three same-size canvases which don’t need framing:

The lighting of the paintings is a long and distinct topic, but the best option is when the lighting is installed at a certain distance from the painting in order to avoid glares. I recommend spotlights from the ceiling, pointed to the artwork:

Arranging artworks on color wallsis one of my favorite. I recommend Levis satin paints which are outstanding as cover and easy to maintain:

If you need advice on color solutions and arranging paintings do not hesitate to contact me – I will be happy to assist you.