Scattered thoughts

Thoughts in front of the fireplace

In front of the fireplace again. After a heady, enthusiastic, but also very tiring week of exhibition opening, meetings and conversations with beautiful people, physical exhaustion from packing and carrying up and down and back and forth of paintings and tons of catalogues, it is time for a well deserved breather. While I am staring at the hypnotizing flames I remember a recent article by Ani about her 101 things to be thankful for from the past year and without conscious intention I start to list mine… They are far from one hundred and one, but they are all beautiful.

I am thankful for

– the smoking coffee in the morning, which is my meditation and inner “brainstorming” meeting

– waking up in the countryside and the sunrays to show through the golden curtains, which my mother has sewn for me a long time ago. and that light is the most optimistic beginning of the day which I can imagine…

– gathering walnuts while I clean the leaves of my favorite tree at the beginning of December and with wonder to accept the gifts of nature hidden in the frozen grass

I am thankful for

– having a man next to me, but just as my man

– accomplishing all the goals for this year (with one exception that becomes a priority for the next year) and with pleasure to throw out the list with the crossed goals

– the clients who find me and move me with trust, support and friendship

I am thankful for

– seeing my growing up in a single glance at the opening of the exhibition and this rapture to be the reward for all efforts, labor, tension, doubts and discipline over the last two years

– diving into the deep in me and understanding myself better and better, understanding the world a little better, too

– learning, every day. continuously. with desire

– attracting beautiful, quality, valuable and interesting people into my life

I am thankful for

– having friends with whom the world is a more beautiful place

– being able to dream

– the plane tickets to Spain which are already booked for spring

– the new paintings which are already being born in my head

I am thankful for

– for the fire in the fireplace and in my heart

– the silence when I manage to achieve it

For that moment

I am thankful.