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“The Year of Living Danishly”

I came across a presentation of Helen Russel a couple of years ago while I was browsing in youtube about the life in Scandinavia. She is a British journalist who moved for a year in Denmark after her husband received an offer at Lego. Thus her first book is born: The Year of Living Danishly.

I have suspected for a long time that my husband a I have something Scandinavian (minimalism, aesthetics, love for a simple and modern design, respect of the aesthetics in the public environment too, which unfortunately is a lost cause in Bulgaria, instinctive attainment of the now popular hygga – the home-made coziness with several candles and a warm blanket), thus, with great joy, I found out that The Year of Living Danishly was published in Bulgaria. I read one-third of the book almost at one go, stopping myself almost by force, in order to prolong the pleasure. She writes with my favourite combination of self-irony and sense of humor and interweaves life experiences with facts from research and interviews with real people.
It is clear that it’s not all sunshine and unicorns in Denmark, but what a different and interesting world to explore!
In the must-travel-wish-list!