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    Swarez Art

    It’s been a while since I have been impressed so thoroughly by an artist – from the chosen medium (enamel paint), from developing technique by trial and error, combining several working places with a gallery, to market positioning, scope (huge canvases delivered worldwide), personal approach (he hand delivers all of his art in the UK) and experimenting with different mediums in addition to paintings – aluminum sculptures, art with cast resin blocks, enamel paint on carbon fiber… Ed, who creates under the label Swarez, is absolutely self-thought and although he’s often told that ‘this can be painted by my five year old child too’ and ‘he’s not an artist’ with…

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    “Genius: Picasso”

    I knew that the second season of Genius would be inspiration, contemplation and very much needed context, as if a long time ago you had started putting together a puzzle of somebody’s live, but you missed pieces and reasons. A few things keep resonating in me after the ten episodes for this extraordinary, whimsical, driven innovator which some would call a prick, a rake, an egoist and they might be right depending on their viewpoint: his purposefulness and outright refusal to compromise his fierce desire to surpass a colleague by whom he felt awed (Matisse) and thus to surpass himself his hectic search for the new, the different, the radical using…

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    “Brilliant Ideas” modern art documentaries

    Recently I came upon some documentaries by Bloomberg on modern artists that create on a huge scale. I was truly fascinated and inspired!the series are nearly sixty, every video is approximately 25 minutes long. P.S. After I watched nearly 2/3 of the documentaries, I thought:– never comment / judge / reject modern art before you know details on the concept behind it– dream big! dream beyond your own dreams! and in general – don’t stop dreaming!

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    Exquisite pieces of art

    *Images copyright belongs to the rightful owners It’s been a while since I wrote a post in the Art category, so today I would like to share not one but three artists. They create very diverse art, but all of them impressed me with their exquisiteness and love for the detail.I would love to own them in my house some day 😉 The floral fairy-tales of Vanessa Hogge:

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    “33 Artists in 3 Acts”

    In my perception art is always divided in two main types: art which has aesthetic merit, is emotionally saturated and open-heartedly enjoyed by a large group of connoisseurs; and the other art which has a pretence for greatness and costs millions, because someone (an expert, to be sure) has whispered to some people with money that this is art and it is worthed to invest. I, personally, don’t have a problem with what one calls art and for how much they manage to sell it (every form of self-expression is art, and apparently it includes cows in formaldehyde, skulls with diamonds, crushed coca-cola cans, ceramic seeds amounting to the population…