celebrating 15 years acrista.com

how many of you actually know when did my acrista.com website went online?

it was in March, 15 years ago. it is hard for me to imagine how those years flew by. but on the other hand I do realize all the invaluable experiences I got, all the growth, the blessed acquaintances with amazing people, and the inexpressible satisfaction of all the paintings which found their home.

in the beginning I was mostly working in small, faltering steps, then I was working on exhibitions, now I’m mostly working on commissions. I wished for a few things for my professional life and they are slowly happening to me. I am grateful of that. I am grateful to you, for your trust. and I thank you, for all the support.

as years passed, I learnt patience is one of the most valuable traits from a business perspective. which is why I am patiently waiting for the acrista.com to get ready for publishing. I’m also patiently working on new artworks, and patiently walking towards the next goal on my list.

in the meanwhile – celebrate with me: since March is an anniversary month, I am announcing a 20% discount on all available originals, prints and catalog (art book) copies for the entire month. I would be very happy if you would make and order and take part in the spring „clean-up“ of a sort, helping me make space for the new exhibition artworks I am already working on.

thank you.