Cottage Farm Alino

There is a place not-too-far-away from Sofia which, with its cosy atmosphere, indescribably alluring cuisine and the irresistible British charm of its owners, made it so that we enjoyed Christmas one week in advance: Cottage Farm Alino. If you have already visited Kevin and Tina, then you know what a feast of the senses I am talking about. If you haven‘t been there – by all means, plan a feast.
We had the pleasure of visiting them for a traditional Christmas farmer‘s table lunch and were fascinated by Auntie Judy’s Salad, the most delicious pumpkin soup (served surprisingly in the form of a cappuccino), an elephant filled with a giraffe (as Tina called The Royal Roast), a pudding with brandy sauce and homemade ice cream, coffee and amaretto. After all this delight, I had the feeling that we had to go on foot from Alino in order to make up for our nicely filled bellies.
We kindly asked them to adopt us (they promised to think about it;))

Real estate for sale in the Architectural Preserve village of Staro Stefanovo in Bulgaria II

Part II – Interior

Main house:

Ist floor:

– dining room with kitchen: large open fireplace, the floor around the fireplace is ceramic tiles, rest of the room is linoleum. Wooden windows (American style opening) with wooden harmonica covers on the outside. Wooden doors to a small service room and the summer penthouse. Massive metal door to the garden;

– small service room, suitable for storage or other supplementary needs. Floor is linoleum. One window with double wings. Wooden door towards the dinning room and kitchen;

– small toilet: ceramic tiles on the floor and walls, wooden door to the garden;

– summer penthouse: large open fireplace, oak support columns, oak joists and softwood boarding on the ceiling, floor is terracotta tiles, walls are natural stones, wooden door to the garden, metal door to the dinning room and kitchen. There are some static sleeping places. The penthouse is good for a studio or additional tavern-like dining room;

IInd floor:

– loggia: five wood-carved oak columns and railing;

– living-room: closed (camera) fireplace with capacity to heat the entire floor, oak parquet, marble tiles in front of the fireplace, double winged wooden frame windows, wooden doors to a small vestibule to the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, wooden and metal doors to the loggia;

– guest bedroom: built-in oak wardrobe (60 cm of depth), oak parquet, double winged wooden frame windows, wooden door to the living room;

– master bedroom: built-in oak wardrobe (70 cm depth), oak parquet, double winged wooden frame windows, wooden door to the small vestibule;

– bathroom with toilet: ceramic tiles, window with wooden cover, electric heater and electric boiler.

– small vestibule: oak parquet, built-in oak wardrobe (potential for installing a washing machine), wooden doors to the living-room, master bedroom and the bathroom;

Workshop/Storage Building:

Thick stone walls, concrete base and floor, old authentic oak joists, stone tiles roof. Currently as workshop and for storage space (firewood, garden utilities and tools, etc)

Additional information:

The price includes all the rough iron lamps, mirror frames, book shelves, etc., and the massive wooden table in the yard, which are especially made for the house.

All window frames are wooden, first floor windows have wooden covers with massive iron brace locks, second floor windows have built-in metal rods. All metal doors are with cod-key locking systems. Currently the sleeping capacity of the house is 10 people.

The house is full with various artworks (woodcarvings, copper plastic art, paintings, antiquities and other arts&crafts items), which can be additionally appraised and commented within a possible deal. The same goes for some of the furniture.

For Contact:
Svetla Angelova
Real Estate Agent
+359 88 5863703

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Real estate for sale in the Architectural Preserve village of Staro Stefanovo in Bulgaria I

Real estate for sale in the Architectural Preserve village of Staro Stefanovo in Bulgaria. The property os located in the skirts of the Balkan mountain, 15 km away from the town of Lovetch and about 35 km away from another beautiful village – Apriltsi. It consists of land plot, a 2 storey house from the Bulgarian revival period, a summer penthouse and a second workshop and storage building.

– The village is accessible via tarmac road and the house is situated on a cobbled street.

– Details from the notary deed from 2006: : land plot area is 749 m2; the house: base floor 58.79 m2 with summer penthouse of 34.15 m2, second floor area is 66.43 m2, 

– The property neighbours with Hristo Botev street in the North, small mountain stream in the South, land plot without a house in the East, another property with house in the Southeast. The entire property is fenced with stone walls.

– The main reconstruction of the house has been carried out in 1985.

– There are 3-phase electricity; public water supply; sewerage is with septic pit; security system; outdoor park lights; additional sensor lights; cable TV; hot water via electric boiler; 3 fireplaces; massive outdoor wooden table made of a whole-cut tree trunk, outdoor stone tap water outlet; natural alpineum.

– Trees in the garden include Apples, Pear, Sour Cherry, Cherry, two Walnuts, white Mulberry and an Elderberry.

– Exposure: East and South

– The place is quiet and cosy, far from bussy roads, view towards the mountain forest, very suitable for a summer house, but can easily be used for permanent residence.

– Three owners (inheritance), all paperwork has been run through a notary.

For Contact:
Svetla Angelova
Real Estate Agent
+359 88 5863703

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celebrating 15 years

how many of you actually know when did my website went online?

it was in March, 15 years ago. it is hard for me to imagine how those years flew by. but on the other hand I do realize all the invaluable experiences I got, all the growth, the blessed acquaintances with amazing people, and the inexpressible satisfaction of all the paintings which found their home.

in the beginning I was mostly working in small, faltering steps, then I was working on exhibitions, now I’m mostly working on commissions. I wished for a few things for my professional life and they are slowly happening to me. I am grateful of that. I am grateful to you, for your trust. and I thank you, for all the support.

as years passed, I learnt patience is one of the most valuable traits from a business perspective. which is why I am patiently waiting for the to get ready for publishing. I’m also patiently working on new artworks, and patiently walking towards the next goal on my list.

in the meanwhile – celebrate with me: since March is an anniversary month, I am announcing a 20% discount on all available originals, prints and catalog (art book) copies for the entire month. I would be very happy if you would make and order and take part in the spring „clean-up“ of a sort, helping me make space for the new exhibition artworks I am already working on.

thank you.

I present to you: Mahabis

photos found on Mahabis Facebook Page – copyright belongs to the rightful owners.

for a while I’ve been developing my Instagram profile and while spending all that time there, my attention got on an ad of Mahabis. and well… love in first sight! seeing no more than few pictures I knew: I want them! and I got them as a Christmas gift, they were immediately put on and there is no force on earth that can make me take them off now.

the company is based in London, the production is in Portugal. and since we are suspicious towards materials glorifying a product (might be paid, right ;)), let me specify, this post is only inspired by my genuine awe, one of a completely satisfied customer, and my will to share the pleasure of using a high-quality and somewhat futuristic product.

what made me that happy:

– simple and unconventional design of slippers
– thoughtful removable sole in various colours
– minimalistic and very differentiative branding and photos
– simplistic and elegant packaging, comparable to Apple’s
– no end to how comfortable they are, satisfying any expectaion
– absolute alternative to all absurdly ridiculous sippers on the market
– high price that actually translates in high quality

no wonder their slogan is “Slippers Reinvented”. they have classic and summer home models, as well as an outdoor version. sizes are matching. we delivered via

Прочети повече I present to you: Mahabis